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3rd Nordic Meeting on Tumor microenvironment in Lymphoma

This meeting will take place at Comwell Congress Center, Aarhus, Denmark, and serves as the only Nordic-based forum specifically focused on basic and translational research on the tumor microenvironment relevant to lymphoma. The primary goal of the meeting is to bring together experts from around the world and from the Nordic countries to discuss the latest breakthroughs within the field, establish the highest priorities for investigations and present cutting-edge experiences with novel therapeutic agents.

Best regards,
Christian Steidl MD and Francesco d’Amore MD, Conference Chairmen

Read more and sign up - NB! half prize DKK 600 before 24 April:  http://nordictumormicroenvironment.org/

Event detaljer

Dato 24-05-2018
Slutdato 25-05-2018